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Unify your supporter data to raise more and improve retention

Streamline data imports for any CRM with CharityBI

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CharityBI connects platforms to your CRM

If you’re a charity, you probably spend hours manually downloading data from several platforms and importing it into your CRM. This is slow, time-consuming and error-prone.

Or, you might have built bespoke integrations. These are expensive to implement and maintain. Both options are inefficient.

CharityBI is an integration hub purpose-built for charities. It automatically ingests data from the platforms that you use every day. The data is consolidated inside CharityBI so you can easily push it to your CRM.

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Seamlessly move your supporter data into one easy-to-use file with CharityBI integrations

Less data admin, more fundraising

Fundraisers all over the world are spending hours on manual data entry every week. Automating your data admin with CharityBI gives you that time back to focus on what you do best: raising money for your charity.

  • ✔ Save time
    Replace manual, repetitive processes with automations and save up to one day per week.
  • ✔ Reduce errors
    Human error is common during repetitive, manual data entry. With CharityBI, you don’t need to touch the data itself and this reduces the risk of mistakes that impact supporters.
  • ✔ Improve trust in the data
    Be confident that the data in your database is accurate and up-to-date so that your teams are confident when they are segmenting your audience and delivering campaigns.
  • ✔ Set up in minutes with no code
    Connect integrations to CharityBI in just a few clicks. Select a platform, log in, give permission and that's it. Your platform data begin flowing into CharityBI.

Improve supporter journeys, retention and lifetime value

Data is key to understanding supporters and delivering swift, relevant communications. But if your supporter data is sprawled across dozens of platforms, it’s nearly impossible. CharityBI zaps data into your systems and marketing workflows for more responsive and agile supporter care, and creates holistic, cross-platform supporter profiles.

Thank donors faster


✔ See detailed supporter timelines

✔ Identify high value supporters

Robust and efficient data pipelines purpose-built for charities

CharityBI is a modern data platform crafted specifically for the ETL needs of charities. In today's digital age, we believe the time and resources of data staff are too valuable for manual data entry. It's also not cost-effective for charities to spend fortunes building and maintaining bespoke data pipelines for each platform. That's why we created CharityBI.

Ensure data security and compliance

✔ Increase efficiency and cut costs

✔ Synchronise platforms into one API

Our vision is to fully automate the flow of data between all platforms and any CRM

Here's where we're up to



Export a CSV of consolidated supporter data from connected platforms so you have just one CRM upload instead of several

• Live in Closed Beta



Connect to the CharityBI API and pull your consolidated supporter data from all connected platforms automatically.

• Coming soon

Direct CRM Integration


Connect CharityBI to your CRM, map fields, set logic and push supporter data automatically without any coding.

• In Development

"This is amazing and I think it will be a game-changer for charities"

Support Experience Manager

"We've been crying out for something like this"

Head of Fundraising

"We are looking to make data importing easier because our processes cause problems. CharityBI would be a solution to those problems."

Insight Lead

"This would be the holy grail"

Head of Data

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