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The simple way to sync your Charities Aid Foundation supporter data

Integrate, view and understand your CAF supporter data insights. Import into a single file. Export to your CRM. Save hours (and hours) of time.

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Introduction - Charities Aid Foundation Integration

The Charities Aid Foundation mission focuses on providing much-needed finance in support of social enterprises, and the resultant social impact this generates. 


As well as working with individual supporters, CAF also helps companies to get behind causes. Company & employee giving schemes offer a wonderful way to help employees offer a lifetime of giving in a tax-friendly way. Stable donations from employee giving schemes contribute to the stability of charities during tough economic times


For charities and fundraising staff, handling the flow of data generated from fundraising activities can at times become overwhelming. Left to a manual process for data extraction, the more successful the campaigning, the more overwhelming data importing can become. Luckily, importing data from CAF and other fundraising platforms into a single easily manageable CSV file can save hours (and hours) of time. The process of merging supporter data has never been easier. 


CharityBI’s simple, no-code platform automatically merges data from your CAF fundraising activities into a single point. This means you won’t miss important insights about your CAF supporters and you will be more able to keep your database up-to-date with more frequent uploads. 

CharityBI - Seamlessly integrate CAF data 

CharityBI simplifies the process of automatically moving data records from the Charities Aid Foundation into a single easy-to-manage file.  All you will need is your CAF login, and a handful of seconds to set up a pathway between CAF and your CharityBI dashboard. 

Supporter records can then be viewed either within CharityBI or exported into an easy-to-use CSV format, which in turn can be imported to your favourite CRM. Supporter records will be matched with supporters already in the system for easier de-duplication and to save hours (and hours) of manual time. 

CharityBI research highlighted supporter data woes as one of the most pressing and time-wasting activities for charity fundraising staff. Staff often face losing a full day each week to administering data: tasks which can be automated using a CharityBI import.

How often are CAF records updated in CharityBI?

Once you have connected CAF to CharityBI, we will attempt a data refresh at least once per day and any new available data will flow into CharityBI. Exporting to a consolidated CSV of your CAF data is then as simple as downloading an updated file whenever you need one. 

Connect all of your fundraising platforms with CharityBI

Why stop at CAF? CharityBI integrations include many popular communication and fundraising platforms. 


CharityBI no code Integrations:


CAF Integration with CharityBI - Pricing

Whether you’re looking to integrate a single platform such as CAF or join up many of your favourite platforms, we have a pricing model which keeps costs in check. CharityBI is plug-and-play and works right out of the box - meaning that you don’t have to spend a fortune on outsourced or internal development time. What’s more, your data is connected and insights are made visible within minutes!

Customising CAF CharityBI integrations

If you need to include extended logic which is not available ‘out of the box’ within your CAF to CharityBI integration, please let us know. We are constantly developing our CAF to CharityBI integration, which means that customisations can be considered and often worked into the CharityBI development schedule. By working closely with our charity partners, we are constantly evolving our offering to meet your exact needs. 

If you’d like to see more about how CharityBI works, then we’d be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you may have. 

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