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Integrating GoFundMe supporter data has never been simpler

Seamlessly import and understand your GoFundMe supporter data insights with CharityBI


Introduction to GoFundMe 


GoFundMe claims to be the world's largest fundraising platform. So whether you are fundraising as an individual, or on behalf of a charitable cause GoFundMe is likely to have made the short list of platforms to handle your donations. 


“GoFundMe is the world's largest social fundraising platform for individuals, teams and not-for-profits with £15 billion raised and hundreds of millions of donations per year. It's the first and only platform with a donor protection guarantee, which means you get a full refund in the rare case something isn't right.”


As a testament to its influence and ease of setup, GoFundMe has often played a pivotal role in mobilising resources during emergencies, supporting charitable initiatives, and championing personal endeavours. 


With such a large proportion of charities making full use of the GoFundMe fundraising platform it’s good to know that there is a simple way to integrate GoFundMe supporter and donation data automatically into a single CSV file. This file can then can be easily exported to wherever needed via a CharityBI no code integration - removing any necessity  for handling GoFundMe API’s or developer intervention.


Adopting CharityBI  means there is no need to handle complicated code, and everything can be set up in minutes. This can help to remove any necessity to rely on developer support and offers an instant, secure pathway from GoFundMe.  


Alternatively, support for several GoFundMe integrations exist to facilitate the movement of donor data from GoFundMe to a more manageable location. Integrations with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT could be particularly useful for some. However, for those who use other CRMs, or those wishing to sync supporter data records from many fundraising platforms then CharityBI is likely to be the most appropriate solution. 

Integrating GoFundMe with CharityBI - How it works

CharityBI simplifies the process of automatically moving data records from GoFundMe into a single easy-to-manage file.  Simply grab your GoFundMe login details, and in moments you’ll have a secure data flow between GoFundMe and your CharityBI dashboard. Inside CharityBI you can review a range of supporter data insights, dedupe records, and generally manage your imported data. Exporting to CSV is a synch



The simpler way to import your GoFundMe data


Once you have connected GoFundMe to CharityBI, we will attempt a data refresh at least once per day and any newly available data will flow into CharityBI. Exporting to a consolidated CSV of your GoFundMe data is then as simple as downloading an updated file whenever you need one.



Connect all of your fundraising platforms with CharityBI


Why stop at GoFundMe? CharityBI integrations include many popular communication and fundraising platforms. 


CharityBI no code Integrations:


GoFundMe Integration with CharityBI - Pricing


Whether you’re looking to integrate a single platform such as GoFundMe or join up many of your favourite platforms, we have a pricing model which keeps costs in check. CharityBI is plug-and-play and works right out of the box - meaning that you don’t have to spend a fortune on outsourced or internal development time. What’s more, your data is connected and insights are made visible within minutes!

Customising your GoFundMe CharityBI integrations

If you need to include extended logic which is not available ‘out of the box’ within your GoFundMe integration, please let us know. We are constantly developing our GoFundMe to CharityBI integration, which means that customisations can be considered and often worked into the CharityBI development schedule. By working closely with our charity partners, we are constantly evolving our offering to meet your exact needs. 

If you’d like to see more about how CharityBI works, then we’d be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you may have. 

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