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The simpler way to import and view JustGiving supporter data 

No code JustGiving Integration 

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JustGiving API data import - the developer route

With over 2,750 new JustGiving fundraising pages being created across the world each day the JustGiving platform sits centre stage for many charities. Given that it has  raised over £6 billion raised for charities since inception, it’s obvious to see why the JustGiving platform is so widely adopted to support fundraising activities. It's also good to know that data collected in JustGiving can be securely integrated with other platforms using JustGiving API keys. API keys open a secure pathway between different platforms. However, embedding the code which utilises the JustGiving API key usually requires developer-level proficiency to correctly embed and set up the API to ensure a secure, and accurate data import. JustGiving API documentation is easily accessed from the JustGiving website. 

CharityBI - the simpler way to integrate JustGiving data 

CharityBI simplifies the process of securely moving data records captured by the JustGiving API. All you will need is your JustGiving login, and a handful of seconds to set up a pathway between JustGiving and your CharityBI dashboard. 

JustGiving records can then be viewed either within CharityBI, or exported into an easy-to-use CSV format, which in turn can be integrated with your favourite CRM. Each new data record will automatically correspond with the correct account record or contact, saving hours (and hours) of manual time. 

See our quick set-up guide for more information. 

How often are JustGiving records updated in CharityBI?

Once you have connected JustGiving to CharityBI, we will attempt a data refresh at least once per day and any new available data will flow into CharityBI. Exporting to a consolidated CSV of your JustGiving data is then as simple as downloading an updated file whenever you need one. 

Connect all of your fundraising platforms with CharityBI

Why stop at Mailchimp? CharityBI integrations include many popular communication and fundraising platforms. 


CharityBI no code Integrations:


Mailchimp Integration with CharityBI - Pricing


Whether you’re looking to integrate a single platform such as Mailchimp, or joining up many of your favourite platforms we have a pricing model which keeps costs in check. CharityBI is plug-and-play and works right out of the box - meaning that you don’t have to spend a fortune on outsourced or internal development time. What’s more, your data is connected and insights are made visible within minutes! 

Customising Mailchimp integrations

If you need to include extended logic which is not available ‘out of the box’ within your Mailchimp to CharityBI integration, please let us know. We are constantly developing our Mailchimp to CharityBI integration, which means that customisations can be considered and often worked into the CharityBI development schedule. Working closely with onboarding for our charity partners means we evolve our offering to meet the exact needs of our growing portfolio of charity client partnerships.

If you’d like to see more about how it works, then we’d be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you may have. 

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