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Breaking: CharityBI has solved data in the charity sector

Data technology startup CharityBI has solved all data problems in the charity sector. Fundraisers across the country are rejoicing and ministers say that it may be declared a national holiday for those working in the third sector.

For decades, charity professionals have been forced to spend one day per week on data admin instead of charity work. The repetitive manual tasks include spreadsheet formatting, manual error detection and de-duplication. Charity leaders say the systemic issues that caused this situation are varied and complex but ubiquitous in the sector.

CharityBI is a platform that integrates with popular third-party tools like JustGiving, Facebook Fundraising, and Mailchimp, which are commonly used by charities. The integrations allow for the automatic extraction of supporter data from these platforms, which is then cleaned and standardised for easy import into the charity's CRM. By doing so, CharityBI relieves the significant burden of data administration for charities. This will help charities save time and effort by eliminating the need for manual data entry and cleaning, while also ensuring that the data is accurate and up-to-date. With all the data in one place, charities can gain a better understanding of their supporters and tailor their communication and fundraising efforts accordingly.

When asked if they would miss the manual data admin, one fundraising manager, who chose not to be named, responded angrily, asking “are you joking?” Before, allegedly, throwing their Tupperware lunch box at our reporter and storming out.

The breakthrough from CharityBI promises not only to make fundraising more efficient but to transform the way charities engage their supporters.

We spoke to a Head of Supporter Experience who struggled to hold back the tears of joy as she revealed the impact of the news: “until now, we didn’t even really have the data to know who our supporters are, what they’re receiving or how we should thank them” she sobbed. “Now we will have all of those things and more, in easy reach! I just can’t believe it.”

The news will also impact those who give to charity, with exceptional supporter journeys about to become the norm. For example, some charities were unable to thank donors within 17 years before, but now will now be able to do so instantly because the correct data will be automatically pulled into their systems so that appropriate contact can be made.

Chief Technology Officer at CharityBI, Matt Smithson said: “charity data? completed it mate”.

We have asked the CharityBI team for further comment. More information is available at

More details as we get them.


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