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CharityBI at DigiLeaders - Public Sector Insight Week

As part of DigiLeaders Public Sector Insight Week 2023 we held a panel discussion with charity professionals who have contributed to our research. Together we discussed the biggest pain point in the charity sector, data.

Last year we conducted over 50 hours of interviews with charity professionals, and 95% of them said that data was the biggest pain point in their roles: exporting, importing, cleaning, and de-duplicating data.

On average, charity professionals spend 1 day per week on data admin, and they're understandably unhappy about it. All of this time and stress spent over data is time NOT spent on the creative, fulfilling and productive work that got charity workers into the industry in the first place. What's more, poor data systems and processes ultimately lead to poor supporter experiences and lower income for charities, which negatively impacts the beneficiaries they serve.

A huge thank you to Susanne, Peter and Michael for being such an open, insightful panel.

Check out the top reasons for, and implications of, poor data from the discussion below. We'd love to know how many of these you can relate to. Get in touch to share your experiences and help us to change the status quo by building a solution to charity data problems.

Top reasons for poor data and time-consuming data admin:

1. Lack of data strategy

2. Staff turnover

3. Not enough investment in tech

4. Poor data systems

5. Outdated or lack of CRM

6. Increase in number of data sources

7. Capturing unnecessary data

8. Lack of (or outdated) integrations with data sources

9. Human error

10. Internal culture

Top implications of poor data and time-consuming data admin:

1. Time consumption

2. Stifled creativity

3. Job dissatisfaction

4. Reactive work opposed to strategic planning

5. Poor supporter journeys

6. Loss of supporters

7. No/poor long-term income planning

8. Lack of confidence in data

9. Things simply not happening

10. A 'no-can-do' attitude to some requests

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