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Don’t let data woes stop you from innovating

The pandemic brought about a lot of change and challenges. The charity sector saw itself under an immense amount of pressure, with a reduction in donations, an inability to provide some services and support, matched with an unprecedented increase in demand.

The sector responded in the most admirable way. It was a time of true innovation for many. They undertook some of the most significant changes for years, potentially in history. One major part of this was a willingness to trial and adopt more digital platforms and tools than they’d ever taken on before. From volunteering platforms to donation tools and even payment services. Those few short years (despite not feeling short), led to charities suddenly receiving data from new sources, which was overwhelming for some and has since led to a backlog of data, poor or lack of processes to deal with it, or a reluctance to embrace these tools further.

Before the pandemic, many charities had data from only a few sources, but now they receive data from more than 30 platforms on average. Each varies in utilisation and value that they bring to the charity. Throughout our conversations with charities over the last 12 months, we have frequently heard a reluctance to promote or adopt new fundraising platforms and tools because of a fear of adding to the problem of data administration.

We believe this should never be the case. Innovation is so important, especially when trying to follow and cater to trends in society. Being able to adapt quickly can lead to more consistency and growth in income and support for charities. CharityBI will prevent these concerns and ensure you can confidently adopt new platforms without the fear of adding disproportionate admin time to deal with the data they bring.

Using CharityBI, you’ll be able to automatically pull in data from an ever-growing list of platforms that can help you reach new audiences and engage with supporters in more relevant ways.

If you’ve been put off trying new fundraising tools, we encourage you to check out the list below and explore new opportunities. Let us know which you already use and would like to see in our first set of integrations by getting in touch.

Which of these would you like to see in the first version of CharityBI?


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